middle reaches中文意思是什麼

middle reaches解釋

  • middle: n 1 中央,正中;中間,中部;中途。2 人體的中部,腰部。3 中間物,媒介物;中人,中間人,調解人;中...

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  1. The weather of the abnormal most precipitation and the persistent rain all does n ' t correspond well in the two area of jiangsu, while the weather of the abnormal little precipitation is corresponding with the persistent sun. during 1st. - tth. october, the precipitation distribution of south of jiangsu is in phase with the middle - low reaches of the yangtze river and guangxi, while in north of jiangsu it is in phase with the drainage of huai river and the up - middle reaches of the yangtze river

  2. It is originated from the grocers on the north side of mt. qomolangma. the middle reaches are about more than 1300 kilometers long and the drainage area is 240 thousand square kilometers

  3. A study on shipping development in the middle reaches of yellow river

  4. Review on sediment variation in middle reaches of the yellow river

  5. The essag discussed and analysed the flood features of the middle reaches of yi rever and its causes. on the base of related analysis of the water level and the flood area, it set a linear and regressive model and predicted the flood degree tentatively