1. La mignotte was more than three leagues away from the station, and nana lost a good hour over the hire of a carriage, a huge, dilapidated calash, which rumbled slowly along to an accompaniment of rattling old iron

    2. It was five pages long, and he spoke therein of " the delicious hours passed at la mignotte, those hours of which the memory lingered like subtle perfume. " he vowed " eternal fidelity to that springtide of love " and ended by declaring that his sole wish was to " recommence that happy time if, indeed, happiness can recommence.

      信共寫了五頁,信中提到在「藏嬌樓」別墅里度過的甜蜜時光, 「這段時光猶如沁人肺腑的芳香,將永遠留在回憶中, 」他發誓說「永遠忠於這個愛情的春天」 ,信尾寫道,她的唯一願望,就是「重新開始那段幸福的生活,如果它能夠重新開始的話。 」
    3. " oh, mother, the gardener spoke without knowing anything about it. directly afterward the coachman said just the opposite. nobody s expected at la mignotte before the day after tomorrow.

      「哦,媽媽,園丁不了解情況剛才車夫說的情況正好相反,後天之前不會有任何人來藏嬌樓。 」
    4. Nana was furious and declared that she would be at la mignotte in the middle of september

    5. They decided to go on the morrow, sunday, and visit the ruins of the old abbey of chamont, which were some seven kilometers distant. five carriages would come out from orleans, take up the company after lunch and bring them back to dinner at la mignotte at about seven