ming hong hotel中文意思是什麼

ming hong hotel解釋

  • ming: 民
  • hong: n. 〈漢語〉(中國、日本的)行,商行。
  • hotel: 通訊中代表h的詞。n 旅館,旅社。 a(n) hotel car 〈美國〉帶餐車的臥車。 American plan hotel美國式...

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  1. The hotel offers guests some of the most spacious rooms in the city, with floor - to - ceiling bay windows affording panoramic views of the harbour and hong kong island skyline

  2. Beautiful ' dongsheng ' the sign ossein porcelain dependence extraordinary creativity as the bone china, the unusual quality, establishes a new school in the bone china, its rich skin texture, the variegated color, the dignified sense of reality and crystal clear bright the gloss, the strong natural breath, can manifest the historical culture inside story and the current relevance, adds the scientific management, the good vending service, the remarkable intrinsic quality, the green production process, causes ' dongsheng ' the bone china to prepare is favored, receives hong kong, american, the russian customer consistent high praise especially, is the guesthouse, the hotel, lives at home and presents relatives and friends ' first choice

  3. Hon fred li wah - ming raised a question on " extending application of cartagena protocol on biosafety to hong kong "

  4. Gao yuan hong hotel is the allowed four - star hotel assembled accomodation, food and beverage, recreation for whole. which is the fisrt choice for your travel, business, conference and relaxation room intro

  5. Ming won ng, operations manager, sunrider ppn day 2005 in hong kong : where global ad sales leaders met ! publicitas promotion network held a three - day global conference for some of the world s leading publishers from 25 to 27 january 2005 at the intercontinental hotel in hong kong