minority stockholders中文意思是什麼

minority stockholders解釋

  • minority: n. (opp. majority)1. 【法律】未成年(時期)。2. 少數;少數黨;較少票數;少數民族。
  • stockholders: (股東):公司的所有者。

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  1. In she ( a national minority ) dialect of jingning in zhejiang province, the ancient voiced stops and affricates have been steadily and unconditionally changed to unaspirated voiceless consonants and aspirated voiceless consonants

  2. Because bai minority ' s economy was affected deeply by the mainland ' s han culture, cultivated the opened self - conscious national spirits for a long time ; been good at studying, imitating and innovating, furthermore had the national character and morals that looked up the wise, so it brought the advanced economic conformation whether in the ancientry or latter - day, speeded up the development of productivity, maked the dali bai minority situated the center station of the regional economic development, had the ability of deciding and imposing on the economic changes and economic relations that circumjacent nation area, historically introjected the extensive circulation of chinese economic development, and became a part of chinese economy

  3. On protecting minority stockholders ' right to the truth in securities exchange and its civil remedy

  4. In an acquisition, the offeror and majority stockholders are the deciders. the majority shareholders have chance to damage the benefits of minority stock holders by their advantage of capitals and information for their own profits. following the gradually separating between ownership and rights of management, directorate is becoming more and more the center of decision in a corporation and has possibility to damage the minority stock holders " benefits in some situation. the offerer is even advantaged in an acquisition from end to end

  5. Shareholder ' s equality and protection of minority stockholders