minutes to fame中文意思是什麼

minutes to fame解釋

  • minutes: 備忘錄
  • to: adv 到某種狀態;〈特指〉到停止狀態;關閉。 ★也常和動詞結合,略去其後賓語,而構成成語: The door i...
  • fame: n. 1. 名聲,聲望。2. 〈古語〉傳聞,風聲。vt. 1. 使出名,揚…的名。2. 〈古語〉盛傳。

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  1. When the whole melting was complete it was held in abeyance for a few minutes to facilitate the separation of foreign substances.

  2. I bid them be quiet, now that they saw me returned, and, benumbed to my very heart, i dragged upstairs ; whence, after putting on dry clothes, and pacing to and fro thirty or forty minutes, to restore the animal heat, i am adjourned to my study, feeble as a kitten : almost too much so to enjoy the cheerful fire and smoking coffee which the servant has prepared for my refreshment

  3. King garden hotel, a four - star standard hotel, is close to the friendship store, huanshi road business district, taojin shopping area and luhu park. it takes only 25 minutes driving to guangzhou baiyun international airport, and 20 minutes to cecf both pazhou and liuhua complex. hotel boasts 152 guest rooms, including business rooms, executive rooms and suites. free broadband access is settled in each room

  4. Take 2 - minutes to see a glimpse of claro ' s italian market, which has been serving the finest italian foods and merchandise in arcadia for 38 years

  5. The eyes need several minutes to adjust to the dimness