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mixed farming解釋

  • mixed: adj 1 混成的,混合的。2 混雜的,各式各樣的。3 男女混合(成)的;各階層混合成的。4 〈英國〉男女同...
  • farming: n 1 農業,農作,耕作;飼養(家禽)。2 (租稅等的)包收。3 寄養幼孩。adj 農業的;農場的。 the busy...

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  1. Of all kinds village does an enterprise to should be mixed in civilian curtilage in the center ; ( should stay between 2 ) building have appropriate fire prevention span and fire prevention channel ; ( 3 ) abuts type farming curtilage every between due firewall ; ( when 4 ) builds bridal chamber house, should raise architectural fireproof grade, use the blame combustion housing materials such as ferroconcrete, brick, tile ; when decorating, reduce use bamboo, wood to wait as far as possible can burn material

    各類村辦企業應混在民宅當中; ( 2 )房屋之間應留有合適的防火間距和防火通道; ( 3 )毗連式農宅每戶之間應有防火墻; ( 4 )建造新房屋時,應提高建築的耐火等級,採用鋼筋混凝土、磚、瓦等非燃燒建築材料;裝修時,盡量減少使用竹、木等可燃材料。
  2. Agroforestry a system of cultivation common in many parts of the tropics, especially in rainforest regions, in which forestry and arable farming are mixed

  3. Essentially, chinese cliff painting is an outcome of mixed economy and culture of the minorities and the nomadic economy and culture, which is independent from, and developing in parallel with the farming culture of the central plains ( comprising the middle and lower reaches of the huanghe river )

  4. The mixed - farming can bring the oil station not only the new profit increasing point, but also the competitive advantage through diversity service

  5. China has entered the wto. internationalization tide of financial mixed farming is strongly impacting china ' s separated supervision

    我國已加入wto ,金融混業監管的國際化浪潮正強有力地沖擊著我國封閉的分業監管。