音標 ['mikstʃə]
n. 名詞 1. 混合,混雜;混合狀態。
2. 混合物;混合體;(內燃機等用的)混合氣;【醫學】混合劑,藥水;混合煙草〈又叫 smoking mixture〉。
3. 【織】麻花織品;優缺點均有的人。


    1. Afterburner systems, designed to operate up to a stoichiometric overall mixture strength, are always fairly close to combustion instability or screech.

    2. Long term immersing marshall test and frozen - thaw cycle test were used to investigate the anti - stripping performance of andesite asphalt mixture using cement and anti - stripping agent

    3. Conclusion : yinhua mixture areosol is effective in antifebrile, anti - asthma, and expectorative effect

    4. " they used to come for food, coconuts and bananas, " said m. rajendran, who runs a roadside tea shop on the edge of the reserve. " now, they come for tobacco and paan an addictive mixture of betel leaves and areca nut.

      「他們以前來這里是為了獲取食物椰子和香蕉,但是現在他們的目標變成了香煙和哌安一種由萎葉和檳榔果製成的混合物,食用容易使人上癮。 」
    5. Among other reagents used have been and titanous ion; a mixture of ferrous ion, oxygen, ascorbic acid, and ethylenetetraaminetetraacetic acid.