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  • mobile: adj 1 活動的,運動的;可動的。2 易變的;易感動的;易變通的,靈活的,反復無常的。3 機動的,流動的...
  • base: n 1 基底,基,根基,底座;底層,底子;(紀念碑等的)基址;(山)麓。2 【軍事】基地,根據地。3 根...

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  1. Its are small person, only visible at the apophysis in mucous membrane, big person can be bigger and the tumour that bears the base of a fruit, but inside irruptive bowel antrum, can fluctuate inside alvine antrum mobile, if be located in rectum bottom, still but outside emergence anus

  2. Firstly, base on the hohl ' s limited black box approach, we propose a supplementary mechanism which puts a registry module on tcp for registering the input events to prevent black box tests in order to really protect confidentiality of mobile agent

    秘密性保護是在hohl的時限黑箱保護方案基礎上給出一種補充保護措施:通過在tcp上放置一個rm ,完成對輸入事件的注冊保護,防止了對黑箱的測試,真正實現移動agent的秘密性保護。
  3. The chief difference between mobile ad hoc networks and conventional cellular technology is the apparent lack of a centralized entity within an ad hoc network. there are no base stations or mobile switching centers in an ad hoc network

  4. This paper puts forward the naming and locating mechanism of conco - ma on the base of which we research on the core technology of a mobile agent system : the agent transfer mechanism and the agent communication mechanism, then we bring forward the corresponding models in conco - ma

    文章給出了conco - ma系統的命名定位機制,以此為基礎研究了移動代理系統的兩大核心技術:代理遷移機制和代理通訊機制,並給出了conco - ma系統中對應的遷移模型和通訊模型。
  5. Surge arrestors are usually used in telecoms equipment installations such as mobile base stations, networks, modem and cable television set - top box designs