moisture expeller中文意思是什麼

moisture expeller解釋

  • moisture: n. 濕氣,水分,潮濕;濕度;(空氣中的)水蒸氣;淚。
  • expeller: 螺桿脫水機

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  1. Store in airtight and air place and keep away from moisture

  2. Characteristic of moisture and salt dynamic in saline - alkalized grassland of songnen plain during thawing period

  3. Freeze dryer idf, idus series, the adsorption dryer id series, opened polymer diaphragm air dryer series, the main stopover aff series of filters, moisture separators amg series, the oil mist separator am series, a series of micro - mist separator amd, ultrafine mist separator ame series, the filters trap ame series, clean air filters sf series

    冷凍式乾燥器idf idu系列吸附式乾燥器id系列高分子隔膜式空氣乾燥器idg系列主路過濾器aff系列水分分離器amg系列油霧分離器am系列微霧分離器amd系列超微油霧分離器ame系列除臭過濾器ame系列清潔空氣過濾器sf系列。
  4. The current transformer is fully enclosed. the primary and secondary windings and iron core are insulated by epoxy resin. it has a good ability of antipollution and moisture proof

  5. Research on soil moisture index of dry crops in caked calcium carbonate black earth