molecular bandpass amplifier中文意思是什麼

molecular bandpass amplifier解釋

  • molecular: adj. 分子的,由分子形成的,分子內[間]的。adv. -ly
  • bandpass: 帶通,傳送帶
  • amplifier: n. 1. 【電學】擴大器;擴音器。2. 放大鏡;放大器。

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  1. Actuation of one clutch provides positive torque to the final drive, the capstan acting as the main power amplifier.

  2. Different molecular weight igy exitence in the purified igy suggested that the igy is uniform. through colligate comparison, the best method suit for industrialization is eliminating lipid by 0. 07 % alginic acid sodium combined with ammonium sulfate salting out afterl0 - fold diluted with ph5. 0 water

    通過綜合比較,認為酸性條件下10倍去離子水稀釋卵黃液,離心後上清用0 . 07的海藻酸鈉去脂,再用硫酸銨鹽析提取純化igy的工藝流程適用於工業化的規模生產。
  3. The molecular weight of styrene modified alkyd

  4. Based on characteristics and connectivity of the groups in molecules, the group contribution method and topological method was combined together, a new method was developed which can be used to calculate the density of alkyne from molecular structure

  5. The theory and design of the balanced converter, fin - line waveguide bandpass filter, waveguide to microstrip transition and millimeter - wave amplifier are studied in this paper. finally the paper presents the structure and the simulated result of each module