1. Based on the results of radiation monitoring and acas simulation, the hko will, in consultation with department of health and electrical and mechanical services department, advise the

    2. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in around meals of aged people

    3. Measurement of the steady and non - steady - state chloride diffusion coefficients in a migration test by means of monitoring the conductivity in the anolyte chamber comparison with natural diffusion tests

    4. The construction of land use status information system improves the accuracy and the trends of times of land use information, it automatically stores, manages, researches, inquires, counts, analyzes, renews and defends land use status graph which is digital, solves the problem of the renewal of land use status graph and data. it provides not only modern technology means for everyday professional work in county level land management department, but also basic data and scientific basis for land use renewable investigation, dynamic monitoring, land use totality planning. on the other hand, it lays a foundation for the establishment of cropland transform system, land exploitation and readjustment, approvable management system of construction project used land, management system of rural land register

    5. 3 the permit holder shall submit to the director for approval within a month of the operation of the projects a proposal to monitor the avifauna use of the constructed channel and implement the approved monitoring proposal