monocentric bifocal lens中文意思是什麼

monocentric bifocal lens解釋

  • monocentric: 單中節的
  • bifocal: adj. 1. 【物理學】雙焦點的。2. (望遠鏡等)遠近兩用的。3. 有二重觀點的。n. 〈pl. 〉 雙光眼鏡,遠近視兩用眼鏡;雙焦點透鏡。
  • lens: n (pl lenses)1 透鏡;一組透鏡。2 【解剖學】(眼球的)晶體。3 【攝影】(照相機的)鏡頭。4 凸透鏡...

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  1. Ultra achromatic lens

  2. A reliable machine shop can cut away a small amout of metal from the aft side of the mounting flange so that the lens will set closer to the film platen.

  3. Lt ' s definitely a modern - day bifocal lens,

  4. A yellow filter is placed in front of the camera lens to assure that no blue light will be imaged.

  5. For a number of historical and technical reasons, hockney envisions a camera obscura based not on a lens but on a concave mirror ( curved inward like a shaving or makeup mirror ), which can also project an image onto a screen

    由於歷史與技術上的若干理由,霍克尼推想出一種不採用透鏡、卻利用凹面鏡的暗箱(凹面鏡是一種內凹的鏡子,比如刮鬍子或化妝時用的鏡子) ,這種鏡子也可以把影像投射到屏幕上。