monthly design master中文意思是什麼

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  • monthly: adj 每月的;每月一次的;按月的。 monthly pay 月薪。 a monthly nurse (照料產婦的)產褥護士。 a mo...
  • design: vt 1 計劃,企圖,立意要…。2 指定,預定;留給,留著。3 設計,草擬,擬定,籌劃;起草,畫草圖,打(...
  • master: n 1 主人;僱主,老闆(opp servant);船長;船主;家長;校長。2 〈常無冠詞〉善能[長于、精通]…的人...

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  1. And master and disciples, all bedecked in gold ornaments, modeling jewelry of her design

  2. It is said that there ' s a bonze in shaolin temple. he has been studying wushu for years but anyhow could not surpass his master, so he devoted himself into weapon design and invented tip, and finally beat his master

    據說啊(我聽別人說的) ,據說少林寺有一和尚,學武數年,總不能超越師傅,於是在兵器設計上狠下工夫,結果創出了梢子,結果勝了師傅
  3. In the ninth - generation of celestial jewelry, master used the pattern of the star of david along with beautiful sapphires to design the collection entitled " the wisdom of solomon. " this series reminds me of a very meaningful movie - solomon and sheba

    在第九代天飾中,師父以六角的大衛星圖騰及藍寶石,設計出一系列名為所羅門王的智慧的珠寶,欣賞師父設計的這一系列天飾,不禁令我想起所羅門王solomon and sheba這部寓意深遠的電影。
  4. We need have a good master of our products even each process and our company regulation, such as : the delivery, the material, the cost difference if just change some design or size, then we have the capability to response the inquiry professional and timely, bearing in mind that we can reply each email as soon as possible, even some problems we can not offer a postive offer at the moment, it is favorable to told our customers that we had got the email and when we will offer them our positive answer. it is very important thing in our routine working, then our customers will be take our company as priority

  5. Scores of polish sample booklets and flyers were distributed during the exhibition. many people applied to learn the convenient method and others registered to receive the monthly supreme master ching hai news magazine