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  • moon: n 1 月 月球 月亮。 ★ 1 語法上常作女性處理。 2 形容詞是 lunar。2 〈詩〉(一個)月 太陽月;〈詩〉月...
  • shaped: (麵包)模的;模製的
  • lens: n (pl lenses)1 透鏡;一組透鏡。2 【解剖學】(眼球的)晶體。3 【攝影】(照相機的)鏡頭。4 凸透鏡...

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  1. Tourists like to climb up the hill bare - footed. at the hill - top they may have a birds eye view of the sand dunes which encircle a crystal - clear spring shaped like a crescent moon and then slide down from the hill, accompanied by a roaring sound of the moving sand. at the hill foot they may enjoy a slow riding on camelback

  2. The lens is made of cell - shaped plastic which has the beautiful retractile effect

  3. Mountain wave cloud also known as lenticular cloud, i. e. lens shaped was observed on the hilltop of lantau on 12 august 2003. the picture was taken at around 2 : 20 p. m. that afternoon at the hong kong international airport looking south - southeast towards lantau with a setting of 1 160s, f8. 0 and iso - 100 speed. at the time winds were light to moderate southerly, with showers just passing over lantau an hour earlier

    相片顯示大嶼山的山頂正蓋著一層波狀雲也稱為莢狀雲,因其形狀如豆莢照片是在二零零三年八月十二日下午二時二十分左右拍攝,地點在香港國際機場朝著東南偏東的方向,用度菲林快門為1 160秒和光圈f8 . 0 。
  4. Firstly the binding energies and the ground state energies of hydrogen impurity in a lens - shaped quantum dot ( gaas / inl - xgaxas ) under vertical magnetic field will be displayed. then how to use the nuclear spin as the quantum bit will be given

    首先研究了垂直磁場下透鏡型量子點( gaas / in1 - xgaxas )摻入類氫雜質后基態能和結合能,然後討論了如何利用量子點中雜質核自旋構造量子位。
  5. Flange connections with lens shaped gasket