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  • mortar: n. 灰泥;灰漿;膠泥;【地質學;地理學】碎斑結構。vt. 用灰泥塗抹[接合]。n. 臼,搗缽,研缽;【軍事】臼炮,迫擊炮;【礦物】(試驗炸藥用的)臼炮。vt. 用迫擊炮轟擊。
  • base: n 1 基底,基,根基,底座;底層,底子;(紀念碑等的)基址;(山)麓。2 【軍事】基地,根據地。3 根...

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  1. Mortar pumps to bear the decay and abrade

  2. Vacuum base plating machine can perform high - voltage bombard function to clean the blank and to make the silver accreting closely

  3. Based on the analysis of problems of previous bridge bearings after installation, for installation of the bearings of lhasa river bridge, the construction method of grouting epoxy resin mortar into anchor bolt holes of a bearing with the aid of potential energy of base plates of the bearing is used

  4. By means of inquisition, the paper analyzes the causes of cement concrete pavement damage in earlier period, divides its damage into stages and analyzes the damage mechanism in theory, then puts forward relevant countermeasure for all stages. on base of these, by studying large quantity of experiments indoors combined testing road, the technique of pressing mortar under cement concrete plank and changing pavement plank, the material used to quickly repair pavement and system for draining off water are analyzed and researched in detail from principle to craft. at same tune, all kinds of repairing material and technique adaptable to cement concrete pavement are put forward

  5. Combining on the investigation achievements of the base establishment concrete durability in shanxi province and the recent research situations of alkali aggregation reaction ( aar ) all over the world, on the condition of the same mortar fluidity, the preventing effects of mineral and chemical admixtures on aar were researched