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  • mortar: n. 灰泥;灰漿;膠泥;【地質學;地理學】碎斑結構。vt. 用灰泥塗抹[接合]。n. 臼,搗缽,研缽;【軍事】臼炮,迫擊炮;【礦物】(試驗炸藥用的)臼炮。vt. 用迫擊炮轟擊。
  • structure: n. 1. 構造,結構;組織;石理,石紋。2. 建造物。3. 【化學】化學結構。4. 【心理學】(直接經驗中顯現的)結構性,整體性;整體結構。adj. -d ,-less adj.

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  1. The compatibility and harmony among workability, mechanical grade and durability are optimized, with the ground of adjusting composition and dosage of fd - 1 ; after analyzing anti - freezing damage mechanism, it is concluded that temperature is main factor, which affects structure and property of concrete. after two processes of temperature - elevation of hydration heat and temperature - descent of cold - environment, there is original damage in concrete and its existence leads to temperature fields, as results in temperature damage on transition phase > aggregate and cement mortar of concrete

  2. The results indicate that hp can promote the toughness and strength of cement mortar and concrete, and with the increase in hp mixture, compressive strength increases more obviously than bend resistant strength does ; with the hydrosoluble hp fibre added, the microstructure of mortar or concrete will change, the space web structure will be formed, which consists of mixed hydrates and hp films. as a result, the performance of mortar and concrete, with high strength and few apertures, can be improved

    結果表明, hp對水泥砂漿和混凝土有顯著的增韌、增強作用,且隨著hp摻量的增加抗壓強度提高的幅度增大,抗折強度提高的幅度降低; hp水溶性高分子纖維的加入可改變混凝土的微觀結構形態,在混凝土或砂漿中形成了水化產物與hp膜交織的空間網狀結構,使漿體緻密,減小孔隙率,從而影響其整體性能。
  3. Using polymers mortar as repairing structure

  4. Due to aac ' s unique cell structure and absorbing water propriety, however, there are still many problems, when we adopt ordinary mortar to construct and plasterer ash, such as wall crack, big area of layer of plasterer ash crack and partially hollow drum, even according to present aac technical specifications, for the actual operation craft is so complicated that it is very to guarantee each preface quality

  5. Application of vacuum - assistant mortar intrusion technique in sticking strain - prestressing bridge structure