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  • mortgage: n 【法律】抵押;抵押權;抵押契據;受押人對抵押品的權利。 on mortgage (拿房屋等)作抵押。vt 抵押...
  • loan: n 1 出借,借出,貸。2 借出物;資金;公債,貸款。3 外來語(= loanword);外來風俗習慣。vt vi 〈美...

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  1. Commerciality individual housing borrows money ( mortgage loan namely ) compare loan of housing accumulation fund to want to the demand bearing of borrower comfortable a lot of, have the effective and resident status, natural person that has capacity of completely civil action to want to satisfy following condition to be able to apply for only : the profession that has stability, income and repay ability ; the capital fund that the bank is approbated serves as guaranty or impawn ; the unit of put on sale that buys housing with place signed the contract that buy a house or book of the intent that buy a house

  2. A quantity surveyor was sentenced to 100 hours of community service for inflating the purchase of a property to obtain a larger mortgage loan from a bank

  3. It is concluded that the high cost of capital transaction caused by asymmetric information is the key reason of forestry financing difficulty, and mortgage loan on forest ownership is an effective solution to the problem

  4. A civil servant who joins the government s home finance scheme, home purchase scheme or housing loan scheme obtains a downpayment loan from the government in addition to the mortgage loan from the bank

  5. Special services included supplementary medical insurance ; automobile insurance ; family and property insurance ; duty insurance ; personal mortgage loan housing insurance ; erection all risks insurance ; contractors all risks insurance ; additional injury insurance , overseas travel accident and assistance insurance, and so on

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