mortgaged land中文意思是什麼

mortgaged land解釋

  • land: n 1 陸地,地面。2 土地,田地;農田;〈pl 〉所有地,地產。3 國土,國,國家;領土;地方;(…的)世...

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  1. And israel and absalom camped in the land of gilead

  2. So israel and absalom pitched in the land of gilead

  3. This plot of land absorbs little water.

  4. In homeowner ’ s mortgage insurance, the mortgaged house is the subject property, it is also an integrated property of the land with its appurtenant structures, which is charasterized as real estate, that means the land and the buildings on it can not be separated in form and value

  5. Where factories and other buildings of township ( town ) or village enterprises are mortgaged, the land - use right to the land occupied by such buildings shall be mortgaged at the same time

    以鄉(鎮) 、村企業的廠房等建築物抵押的,其佔用范圍內的土地使用權同時抵押。