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  • mosaic: n 1 馬賽克 鑲嵌細工 拼花工藝;拼花圖樣;拼制圖畫;編寫作品;拼制物;【建築】鑲嵌磚;【軍事】鑲嵌...
  • window: n 1 窗;窗口,窗戶;窗扉,窗框;窗玻璃;(商店的)櫥窗;【計算機】窗口〈電腦視頻顯示器屏幕上的視...

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  1. A blast of wind blew the window and the door agape

  2. And i feel like holding a cup of green heated tea, viewing the shade of silver gauze dancing with wind tenderly out of the window ; enjoy listening to the wonderful sound of the accumulative rain drops from eaves knocking on ground ; and love to breathe deep in slight cool wind, fresh air covering my bosom

  3. Pay to pay cash by insurant, protect pay business window to submit an expense account to medical service of social security branch by the following data next : ( one ) id photocopy ; ( 2 ) ic blocks xerox ; ( 3 ) collect fees receipt original ; ( 4 ) collect fees detail is only ; ( 5 ) anamnesis of be in hospital or leave hospital brief summary photocopy ; ( 6 ) the disease diagnoses certificate, the ability that belong to cure kind of charge, still must offer an examination to diagnose report odd photocopy

    由被保險人墊付現金,然後憑以下資料到社保部門醫保待遇業務窗報銷: (一)身份證復印件; (二) ic卡復印件; (三)收費收據原件; (四)收費明細單; (五)住院病歷或出院小結復印件; (六)疾病診斷證實書,屬醫技類費用的,還須提供檢查診斷報告單復印件。
  4. In all cases, filtering operations are carried out using a square window or annulus.

  5. Our company mainly deals with various kinds of marble and granite products including tiles, slabs, countertops, vanities, worktop, paving stone, window set, mosaic, staircase, carving, etc