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  • motor: n 1 原動者;原動力。2 發動機;馬達;電動機;【火箭】助推器;汽車。3 【解剖學】運動肌;運動神經。a...
  • mounted: adj. 1. 騎在馬[自行車]上的。2. 裝好在架子上的;貼在襯紙上的,裱上的;鑲嵌的。
  • bicycle: n 1 自行車,腳踏車〈又名 push bicycle 系對 motor bicycle 而言〉。2 〈美國〉〈卡車駕駛員用語〉機器...

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  1. Zlpg series hot water canned motor pipeline mounted pumps are used to handle soft water below 160 and not containing solid particles, suitable for hot water cyclic transportation in the areas of energy resources, metallurgy, chemicals, textile, papermaking, hotels, restaurants, bathrooms and boilers, as well as for circulation of urban heating system

  2. The 17th china international bicycle motor fair, may 4 7

  3. Improvement of dynamic performance of speed - raising locomotive with motor mounted on frame

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  5. Urban road ’ s cross - section design is between boundary lines of roads determined by urban comprehensive planning, which consists of motor lanes, bicycle lanes, pavements, medians and etc. urban road ’ s cross - section design is the pivotal part of design of urban road, and research about it have great meaning for study of traffic safety, road function, road capacity, using efficiency of urban land, cityscape and etc. this thesis analyzes status quo of urban design of cross - section in developed country and beijing