ms 中文意思是什麼

音標 [miz]
ms 解釋
1. manuscript. 2. Master of Science 理科碩士。
3. Mississippi. 4. motor ship 內燃機船。
5. mass spectrometer 【物理學】質譜儀。

  • ms: 1 manuscript 2 Master of Science 理科碩士。3 Mississippi 4 motor ship 內燃機船。5 mass spectromet...

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  1. Determination of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in beer by gc - ms

  2. The ceremony was witnessed by ms adeline wong, principal assistant secretary, information technology and broadcasting bureau of the hong kong special administrative region government and mr xu zhibiao, director of guangdong information industry department

  3. Adventitious buds could be spontaneously formed from calli on ms medium lacking hormones

    不定芽生根的最佳培養基為ms川naa 05mg liaa 。
  4. Ms li hoi - yan anita, senior immigration officer

  5. The closing deadline for the tour enrolment is on 25 october 2006. for details, please contact ms. li at lingnan university s apias on tel : 2616 - 7424. maintained by

    游學團截止報名日期為2006年10月25日,查詢游學團詳情可致電嶺大亞太老年研究中心李小姐電話: 2616 - 7424