msc aquatic veterinary studies中文意思是什麼

msc aquatic veterinary studies解釋

  • msc: MSc,M. Sc. = Master of Science 理科碩士。
  • aquatic: adj. 1. 水的;水生的,水棲的。2. 水上的,水中的。n. 1. 水生動植物。2. 〈pl. 〉水上運動。
  • veterinary: adj. 獸醫(學)的。n. 獸醫〈略 Vet. , vet. 〉 (= veterinary surgeon )。
  • studies: 哥倫比亞大學

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  1. Studies and application parthenogenesis breeding of dwarf and abortive wheat induced by chemical

  2. This paper mainly discusses the characters of primary aquatic product and family breeding by collecting literature researches on industry organization of food safety. it also studies the impacting on the food quality and safety behaviors from the industry vertical connection and culturist organization through connecting with the case of process firm - culturist organization in zhoushan, zhejiang

    本研究在總結以往食品質量安全的產業組織研究的基礎上,探討了初級水產品和養殖家庭經營的特徵,結合浙江舟山養殖? ?加工產業組織實際情況,對產業內縱向聯系和養殖戶組織對養殖戶食品質量安全行為的影響進行了研究。
  3. She will be leaving for the united kingdom in september to continue her studies in msc in financial economics in oriel college at oxford university

    她將於九月中負笈英國牛津大學歐瑞爾學院( oriel college , oxford university )修讀金融經濟學碩士課程。
  4. However, previous studies mainly focused on h9 subtype viruses in terrestrial poultry in this region. there are no reports related to h9 subtype viruses in aquatic birds, influenza natural gene pool

  5. Due to the presence of multiple pollutants including metals in natural environments, studies on joint - action toxicity are becoming increasingly popular. these studies are indispensable to measuring and predicting impacts of chemical pollutants on organism. however, studies of the joint toxicity of pesticides and metals in the aquatic ecosystem were few