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  1. Yet its military reach was generally limited to regions accessible to motorized ground transport.

  2. Inventors everywhere were scrambling to build motorized vehicles.

  3. Dukes of motorized hand games - 4455 miniclip games

    極速摩托手小游戲- 4399小游戲
  4. When hawking rolled into the auditorium and down the aisle in his motorized wheelchair, everyone rose in applause ? a “ standing o ” just for showing up

    當霍金坐著電動輪椅沿著走道進入禮堂時,每個人都起立鼓掌? ?如此喝采只因為他真的出現在眼前!
  5. The paper was based on load - bearing properties of elementary aerostatic bearing, predigested support and spindle structure of multi - support aerostatic motorized spindle, established finite - element analysis model, analyzed all kinds of structureal designs of shafting refer to ansys software, analyzed and compared load - bearing characteristics