mu fangxia中文意思是什麼

mu fangxia解釋

  • mu: n. 希臘語的第十二字母〈M, μ〉; 百萬分之一;千分之一毫米。
  • fangxia: 方下

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  1. We had acquired the additional seven mu.

  2. On july 29, 2003, commissioner bonner and minister mu signed a declaration of principles on csi to target and pre - screen cargo containers from the ports of shanghai and shenzhen destined for u. s. ports

  3. I am the carat is breathed out mu, and i have been living on the route

  4. The company occupies a land of more than 400 mu with total investment of 800 million yuan. the company has introduced several lines of facilities for polymerization, filature and resilience enhancement from famous international and domestic manufacturers

  5. Now the company has over rmb 5 million s fixed capital, over 20 mu s area, 2500 m2 s workshop, over 150 staffs