multiport storage interface中文意思是什麼

multiport storage interface解釋

  • multiport: 多埠
  • storage: n. 1. 貯藏(量),存儲(量);(倉庫)保管;庫容量。2. 棧房,倉庫,貯藏所。3. 棧租,棧費。4. 貯存器。5. 【電學】蓄電(瓶)。6. 【自動化】(計算機的)存儲(器);記憶。
  • interface: n. 分界面,兩個獨立體系的相交處。vt. (-faced, -facing) 把界面縫合。vi. 交流,交談。

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  1. On the basis of the research of former graduates, we design the hardware & software of digital boxcar by employing the high - speed ad fpga chip and the usb protocol controller chip, and we realized the high - speed sampling, digital adding, high - speed storage, data transmission and interface circuits of pc successfully

    根據實驗室前幾屆研究生的積累,前人研究方案的基礎上,利用ad晶元、 fpga晶元和usb協議控制晶元重新設計了boxcar的硬體實現電路和相應的檢測軟體。
  2. On the basis of familiar with can bus and gsm communication, considering hev ( hybrid electric vehicle ) battery administrative system ' s demand for the host pc monitoring system, i have designed can - rs232 converter gateway to realize transmission the real - time data from can node to rs232 serial port, which is carried out by the project of at89c52 mcu + sja1000 can controller + 82c250 can controller interface. host monitoring software has accomplished real - time datas display, storage, historical datas graph analysis and storage fashion change from access to excel, at the same time, realized important datas transmission remotely with tc35 short message module. system software programs in assembly and vb

    Can - rs232轉換網關採用at89c52微處理器+ sja1000can控制器+ pca82c250can控制器介面實現對can總線節點通訊的監聽,並將其轉換成rs232串口電平發送到pc機串口,同時用siemens公司的tc35模塊和at指令實現現場採集系統重要數據和錯誤信息的短消息通訊。在上位pc機監控系統中,主要完成的是對串口設置的選擇控制、現場採集數據的實時刷新顯示、歷史數據的圖表分析及數據的access數據庫存儲和excel電子表格的轉換。系統軟體採用匯編語言和vb實現。
  3. This instrument platform mainly consists of digitizing storage oscilloscope module, signal generator module, usb interface circuit and corresponding software

    該測試平臺主要由下面幾個部分組成: usb介面、數字存儲式示波器模塊、信號源模塊、以及配套軟體等。
  4. Regular recording pens only act as a recorder, but microlog has functions including file management, large capacity storage, file searching and human technology interface, which serves similar as a pc installed with a strong cpu inside. with above functions, microlog simply provides better services like high - quality playback, auto - recording and recording information

    錄音筆僅能當做一般錄音機使用, microlog內建有強大的cpu ,具計算機檔案管理及大容量數據儲存、搜尋的能力,提供高音質,便利操作的人機介面,可全自動記錄聲音及通話數據。
  5. In the hardware design, the analog circuit, high - speed a / d convertor, storage control logic and vxibus interface are discussed. the results of the simulation and analysis of the circuits are given

    在模塊的硬體電路設計部分中,著重對信號調理電路、高速a / d轉換器、高速存儲邏輯控制以及vxi總線介面等內容進行了討論,給出了具體的電路設計和關鍵器件的說明,並對部分模擬電路和數字電路進行了模擬分析。