multipurpose ultrasonic cardioscope中文意思是什麼

multipurpose ultrasonic cardioscope解釋

  • ultrasonic: adj. 超音的,超音速的。 ultrasonic wave 超聲波。n. 超聲波。
  • cardioscope: n. 【醫學】心臟鏡。

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  1. The results suggested that the ph value, the type of monomers, the type, concentration and surface properties of inorganic nanoparticles, the type and concentration of emulsifier have a great influence on the encapsulating emulsion polymerization and the obtained latex stability. if selecting cationic emulsifier ( ctab ), low water soluble monomers ( such as ba, st ) and hydrophobic nano - silica, the inorganic nanoparticles would be encapsulated by polymers through ultrasonic irradiation successfully under alkalescent condition

    系統研究了ba 、甲基丙烯酸甲酯( mmal苯乙烯舊t )以及它們的共聚體系在超聲輻照作用下包裹聚合的主要影響因素,結果表明: ph值、單體的種類、無機納米粒子的種類、濃度及表面性能、乳化劑的種類及濃度等對超聲輻照包裹乳液聚合以及復合體系的穩定性有較大的影響。
  2. The iatrical ultrasonic is about 1 - 15mhz at present, which generated by piezoelectricity crystal at the function of alternant electric field

    目前,醫用超聲波的范圍多在1 15mhz ,是由壓電晶體在交變電場作用下發生機械振動而產生。
  3. Finally, avirulent and virulent plant, bacteria of pseudomonas solanaceanim was investigated by chromatography. the result showed that there are two peaks when both bacteria was eluted, but their peak area ratio was quite different. when virulent bacteria was subject to chromatography after vibration by ultrasonic wave, both chromatographial behaviors of both avirulent and virulent pseudomonas solanaceanim were same basically, which showed a equilibrial peak and a eluting one

    最後,表徵了植物病原菌? ?青枯菌的強、弱致病菌株,結果顯示強、弱菌都有兩個洗脫峰,但峰面積比例有明顯的差異,強弱致病菌株經振蕩后,其色譜行為基本相似,表現為一個穿透峰和一個洗脫峰。
  4. Minitype series ultrasonic cleaners are mainly applicable to labs of plants, shops and small performances, used to cleanse components of clocks and watches, glasses, bijouterie, electronic components and plastic ceramic components etc

  5. Multipurpose ultrasonic diagnostic equipment