multispeed controller中文意思是什麼

multispeed controller解釋

  • multispeed: 多速的
  • controller: n 1 管理人,主管人。2 (會計的)主計人,檢查員;〈英國〉(特指宮廷、海軍等的)出納官〈常作 comptr...

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  1. Air traffic controller performing his duty at the aerodrome tower

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  3. The two - dimensional henon chaotic nonlinear map is effectively controlled by the proposed approach. secondly, because of the distinguished advantages, such as rapid convergency and strong approachability, the rbf networks is trained as chaotic controller by ogy scheme, then successful of controlling the henon chaotic map

  4. The smile of controller is had again be different from general agitate strength, it is pair of staff work approbate and admire, it is a kind of encourage

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