murex trapezium中文意思是什麼

murex trapezium解釋

  • murex: n. (pl. -rices , -es) 【貝類】骨螺。
  • trapezium: n. (pl. trapeziums, -zia ) 【數學】不規則四邊形;梯形;【解剖學】大多角骨。

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  1. Structure optimization and application of steel trapezium - shaped support

  2. The comparison of axial energy ' s decaying property between sine and isosceles trapezium electromagnetic wave pulse

  3. The truly refreshing and unique contour and trapezium design adds a modern touch to your bathroom

  4. The swirls of green were revealed by hubble ' s ultraviolet and visible - light detectors. they are hydrogen and sulfur gases heated by intense ultraviolet radiation from the trapezium ' s stars

  5. And grindintg experiment based on uniform design is conducted. depending on data process system, the regression model of production efficiency, output per degree and particle are established. through single factor analysis on all experimental indexes, the law that the bottom corner, height, bottom length of trapezium and spacing influence the hammer mill capbility are achieved