muzzle bore sight中文意思是什麼

muzzle bore sight解釋

  • muzzle: n 1 (動物的)口部 口鼻;(狗、馬等的)口套 口絡。2 槍口,炮口;噴口 噴嘴。3 壓制言論的事物。vt ...
  • bore: n 1 膛;膛腔;孔,孔腔;眼,炮眼;槍膛,炮膛。2 膛徑,孔徑,口徑,內徑。3 鉆[擴]孔器,錐,膛頭。v...
  • sight: n 1 視力,視覺。2 眼界,視域,視界,視距。3 觀看;壯觀;奇觀;風景;〈the sights〉名勝。4 光景,...

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  1. For the love of this dear brother, they say she had adjured no sight and company of men.

  2. He was lightly afoot again, turned and waved his cap in a bravado, and was out of sight next moment in the margin of the wood.

  3. But there is nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit

  4. An oes with a large capacious head, good pigmentation, wall eye or brown eyes, nice length of neck, correct angulation of the front and rear legs, good lay of shoulders, good quality and texture to the coat, nice topline, strong truncated muzzle with correct bite, compact body with enough leg under them, sound movement with good side extension and so on and so on is what makes an oes an oes !

  5. If we take out several measuring points along the bore axis and work out the amount of bore wearing, we can consult and calculate the muzzle velocity reduction of the piece by reference of the curve board