myxedematous insanity中文意思是什麼

myxedematous insanity解釋

  • myxedematous: 粘液水腫的
  • insanity: n. 1. 瘋狂,癲狂;精神錯亂,精神病。2. 非常愚蠢,荒謬。3. 蠢事。

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  1. In early 1920s, virginia woolf is battling insanity as she begins to write her first novel, " mrs. dalloway ". over two decades later, a typical housewife, laura brown, is profoundly affected by this novel and considers making a devastating change in her life. in 2002, clarissa vaughan, a modern version of woolf s " mrs dalloway ", is planning a farewell party for her aids - inflicted former lover, richard

    20年代,患有精神病的倫敦小說家維珍妮亞正埋首寫她的巨著「 mrs . dalloway 」 1949年,家庭主婦羅拉受那小說感召,對生命價值忽然存疑,徘徊自殺邊緣2002年,現代版mrs . dalloway嘉莉莎忙著為舊情人李察準備生命中最後一個派對。
  2. In any case, each jurisdiction treats insanity claims in its own way, so they may well disagree over whether brain - image data are exculpatory

  3. Madge wildfire, who, among other indications of insanity, had a most overweening opinion of those charms.

  4. All that wild struggling to push himself forwards ! it was just insanity. and it was getting worse, really maniacal

  5. Then there is the timeless question of insanity