N-War = nuclear war 核戰爭。

  • n: 1. 【羅馬數字】90〈N=90000〉。2. 【化學】=nitrogen. 3. =North(ern)。N =nuclear 核的:N-waste 核廢料。
  • war: n 1 戰爭,軍事。2 兵學,戰術。3 武器,兵器。4 斗爭;敵意,不和。adj 戰爭的,軍事的。( rr )vi 打...


  1. On 29 april 1962 she was dedicated at wilmington, n. c., as a memorial to north carolinians of all services killed in world war ii. north carolina received 12 battle stars for world war ii service

  2. With economic development and histrionic fluxing, especially after world war two, some developing countries rapidly grew up and realized industrialization. gerchenkron ' s theory of " advantage of backwardness " ca n ' t explain completely the phenomena, being desiderated to be developed and completed

  3. After the war, growth and distribution are in dilemma which ca n ' t co - operate with each other during some developing countries economic development

  4. Synthesize to guarantee is the life line of the modem airplane, directly the usage relate toing the right airplane support and the intact rate, training of war preparedness he used as to synthesize the training method that guarantee that one of the important main factors, our method towards customer can on time but accurately control airplane system principle with outfield support function rising key, but now all or many or littlely exsits some blemish, ca n ' t completely attain the anticipant result

  5. In modem war, a precise orientation and emendation system applied to artillery spying is needed, existing orientation and emendation system usually computes position of object according uav ( unmanned air vehicle ) ' s position and pose and the pose of vidicon on uav, but orientation is n ' t enough precise