音標 [næb]
vt. 及物動詞 〈口語〉逮捕,拘捕;猛然抓住;搶去(東西),攫奪。


    1. In its default configuration, nab is a real chatterbox

      在默認設定下, nab真是喋喋不休。
    2. Hey, get in there and nab the suspect

    3. During past three years the nab has entered into 181 cases of plea - bargain through accepted court process and recovered an amount of us 36 million, out of the total amount recovered of over us 1. 5 billion

      過去三年,國家問責局曾透過認可的法庭程序,達成181項認罪還款協議,共討回3 , 600萬美元的款項,而利用這種方法討回的國家財富,總額超過15億美元。
    4. I integrated mar i ne management i s the guarantee of the susta i nab i e and healthy development of marine development undertakings the littoral sea area is the shallow - sea part of the global ocean adjacent to the land. its area only occupies 7. 5 % of the global ocean, but it has a greatest bearing and most significant effect on mankind

      一、海洋綜合管理是海洋開發事業持續、健康發展的保證沿岸海域是全球海洋鄰接陸地的淺海部分,其面積雖然僅佔全球海洋麵積的7 . 5 ,但是與人類的關系最為密切,影響也最大。
    5. Nab has, therefore, started recruiting its own specialized workforce. skill - based job qualifications have been developed with transparent merit - based recruitment process