adj. 形容詞 1. 珍珠(質)的。
2. 產生珍珠質的。
3. 似珍珠的。


    1. Renae baker, a scientist with the australian bureau of meteorology, snapped this picture of a rare nacreous cloud on july 25 at the country ' s antarctic mawson station

      雷納?貝克是澳洲氣象署的一位科學家。他在7 . 25日拍下了這張罕見的珍珠光澤的片。
    2. Nacreous pearly layer

    3. In pearls, the nacreous layers are generally translucent and composed completely of aragonite, whereas layers without pearly luster are opaque and composed of aragonites and / or vaterites with their relative concentrations different in different pearls

    4. In this paper, the nacre of hyriopsis cumingii ( lea ) which is one of the main freshwater pearl - forming mollusk in china is studied emphatically, as compared with the nacre of three species of saltwater pearl - forming mollusks, pinctada martensii ( dunker ), pinctada maxima ( jameson, and peteria penguin ( roding ). the basic characteristics of nacreous and prismatic layers are understood by powder x - ray diffraction analysis, trace elements analysis, amino acid composition of protein and differential thermal analysis

      本文以我國主要育珠蚌淡水三角帆蚌貝殼珍珠層為重點研究對象,以三種海水育珠貝馬氏珍珠貝、企鵝珍珠貝及大珠母貝貝殼珍珠層為對比研究對象,首先通過粉末x -射線衍射、微量元素分析、蛋白質氨基酸分析及差熱分析對珍珠層及其與之密切共生的稜柱層的基本特徵進行了初步研究。
    5. Main conclusions of this work are drawn as follows : 1 ) in nacre of hyriopsis cumingii ( lea ) shell, the aragonite crystallites exist two kinds of orientation, one. which is generally accepted, is the c axis of aragonite perpendicular to nacreous layers, the second, which is proposed in this paper, is the [ 012 ] axis of aragonite perpendicular to nacreous layers

      本文所獲得的主要成果有: 1 )明確提出三角帆蚌珍珠層中文石晶體的擇優取向除了存在公認的其c軸垂直珍珠層面外,還存在其[ 012 ]軸垂直珍珠層面的新取向。