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  1. Yahiro netsu, the head of a maternity clinic in the central prefecture of nagano, told a news conference that the woman gave birth in the first half of 2005 using an egg from her daughter and sperm from the daughter s husband, both in their 30s

    位於長野市中部的產科醫院負責人yahiro netsu在一場新聞發布會上表示,該婦女的體內被植入其30多歲的女兒女婿的受精卵後於2005年上半年產下一名嬰兒。
  2. Nagano electric railway co., ltd

  3. On the beautiful snowy hilltop in nagano, they understood each other and he promised that he would like to live with her.

  4. " there are plenty of bears out there who ' ve never even heard a gunshot, so if they do see people, they think it ' s ok not to run away, " said hidetake hayashi of the shinshu black bear research group, which monitors bears in nagano prefecture

    負責監控長野地區黑熊生存狀況的一位科學家說: 「現在有相當一部分黑熊甚至從未聽到過槍響,所以在與人類不期而遇的時候,它們會認為十分安全,根本沒必要轉身逃跑。 」
  5. " a great supplement used by top russian, finnish and ukranian athletes who competed in the 1998 winter olympic games at nagano.