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  • nail: n 1 指甲 爪;喙甲。2 釘。3 納爾〈舊量布尺度名 約合5 715cm〉。vt 1 敲釘 釘住 (on to)。2 〈口語〉...
  • polish: adj n 波蘭(人)的;波蘭語(的)。vt 1 磨光,擦亮,拋光。2 使簡練,使醇化,使優美;推敲;潤飾(文...

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  1. Make - up should be minimal, with lipstick and nail polish conservative tones. pantyhose should be flawless ( no runs ) and conservative in color. do not have excessive body odor or cologne

  2. Name : nail polish remover

  3. Type : nail polish remover

  4. Analysts mintel, in a new survey, have found that the annual amount of money spent by women in the uk on cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara and nail polish has risen by 40 per cent in the past five years to more than 1 billion pounds

    英國明泰爾市場調查公司所做的一項最新調查發現,過去五年中,英國女性每年在口紅、睫毛膏、指甲油等化? ? ~上的消費增加了40 ,達到10億多英鎊。
  5. Your hands and nails will stay moisturized for hours. 6. another nail tip : for drying wet nail polish quickly, dip hands into ice cold water or spray nails with