nailed beam中文意思是什麼

nailed beam解釋

  • nailed: 釘住你
  • beam: n 1 梁,棟梁,桁條;(船的)橫梁。2 船幅;(動物、人的)體幅。3 (秤)桿,杠桿,(織機的)卷軸,...

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  1. Abaft the beam

  2. This can be accomplished using a beam splitter.

  3. So the circumjacent welding should be applied at this spot and another join symmetrical to it, all sides of the place at which angle iron join are welded around with the main beam

  4. Estimation of vertical seismic action for large - scale beam aqueduct

  5. The paper is based on an arcuated built - up system bridge - zhongshan no. one bridge to be built in guangzhou, adopts the large universal finite element programme ansys, takes spatial action among members into account, establishes a three - dimension finite element model, and discusses the following several aspects : firstly, when three - dimensional finite model of a complicated bridge is founded, a beam - lattice method is a kind of applied and effective spatial analysis method, which is used to analyze superstructures of a bridge

    本文以廣州市中山一橋為背景,採用大型通用有限元程序ansys ,考慮構件間的空間相互作用,建立了三維的有限元模型,重點對以下幾個方面進行深入探討:首先,在對復雜的橋梁結構進行三維的有限元模型建立時,梁格法是分析橋樑上部結構比較實用而且有效的空間分析方法。