1. She finally nailed me in the corridor.

    2. " we shot the scene many times, and at the end of each take, the helicopter would circle round. the downdraft nailed me flat onto the grass, and a couple of times i bit the dust

    3. Have the police nailed the man who did it ?

    4. You want tact, call a tactician. you want an ass nailed, you call gus petch

    5. Paper faced gypsum board is mainly made of construction plaster calcined with natural gypsum or chemical by - product and protective paper, mixing with fiber, modified starch, coagulant agent, vesicant and water. which are mixed, formed, coagulated, cut, dryed and sliced into light construction material. they have advantages of light weight, fire resistance, soundproof, damp proof, heat insulation, easy to operate sawn, nailed or milled an disassemble. it s widely applied in industrial and civil constructions, especially widely used as interior wall, less loading wall, ceiling etc in high buildings