nana chieda中文意思是什麼

nana chieda解釋

  • nana: n. 1. 巴比倫神話中的女神。2. 娜娜〈法國作家左拉著同名小說中的女主角,為一美貌妓女〉。NANA =North American Newspaper Alliance 北美報業聯盟。
  • chieda: 千枝

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  1. Nana felt very comfortable at satin s, sitting doing nothing on the untidy bed, while basins stood about on the floor at her feet and petticoats which had been bemired last night hung over the backs of armchairs and stained them with mud

  2. Down in the calash nana was almost dancing with impatience, while zoe, in her annoyance at having left paris in such a hurry, sat stiffly sulking beside her

  3. Nana was dumfounded by this ebullition of jealousy, and, greatly moved by the way things were turning out, she took him in her arms and comforted him to the best of her ability

  4. And when nana lifted her arms the golden hairs in her armpits were observable in the glare of the footlights

  5. It was in this region that daguenet and georges forgathered more warmly than ever while smilingly gazing at nana