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  1. Naphthalene sulphuric acid test

  2. In this research, the plant esterase of wheat and - ethanoic acid naphthalene ester were taken as materials to inspect the relation between the wheat esterase and the organic phosphorus, ten linearity equations were established which expressed the esterase vigor and the organic phosphorus density logarithm with the change of the numerical value of ultraviolet resorption, and the monotony range and the extremum of the function were confirmed

    摘要本研究以小麥為植物酯酶的酶源, -乙酸萘酯為底物,考察了小麥酯酶與有機磷農藥之間作用的關系,建立了10個以吸光值變化表示的酶活性與有機磷農藥濃度對數之間的線性方程,並確定了函數的單調區間和極值。
  3. Method for the determination of the ash content of naphthalene

  4. Health standard for naphthalene in the air of workplace

  5. Zirconium and zirconium alloys - determination of cobalt content - 1 - nitroso - 2 - hydroxy - 3. 6 - naphthalene - disulfonic acid sodium salt spectrophotometric method