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  • nasal: adj 鼻的;【語言學】鼻音的。 the nasal opening 鼻孔。 the nasal organ 〈戲謔語〉鼻子。 a nasal di...
  • are: are1be 的第二人稱單、復數。 第一、三人稱復數現在陳述語氣。 Are you there (電話用語)喂!喂!n. 公畝〈等於100平方米〉。

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  1. Pledgets imbibed with cocaine solution are then placed under direct visualization into the middle meatus, the inferior meatus, and along the nasal septum. xylocaine with epinephrine is then used to infiltrate the lateral nasal wall, the uncinate process, and the head and inferior portions of the middle turbinate

  2. Colds may occur throughout the year but are particularly common in winter and spring. they are mainly manifested as nasal obstruction and discharge, sneezing, coughing, headache, aversion to chill, fever and general malaise

  3. Results in model group, the symptoms in model group such as sneezing, running nose and scratching nose are obvious, with obviously increased mass cell and degranulation cell in nasal mucosa plasma histamine ; high - dose minkang tablet group and xinqin granules group were similar in improving the general condition and symptoms ; but in the low - dose minkang tablet group, the numbers of mast cell and degranulation cell as well as the content of histamine decreased, with no difference compared to the former groups

  4. Nowadays, nasal endoscopies surgery has been applied in treatment of many types of nasal diseases. since the first time we developed nasal endoscopies surgery in 1996. we are on top of the operations with nasal endoscopies devices

  5. Conclusion : good knowledge of the functional anatomy of the endoscopic surgery, good endoscopic surgery skills, proper polyps section for the high site, extensive postoperative care and patients follow | up are the important factors to prevent or reduce the recurrence of the nasal polyps