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  • national: adj 1 民族的;國民的;國家的;國民特有的。2 國家主義的;愛國的。3 國立的 國有的 國定的;全國性的...
  • education: n. 1. 教育;訓導;培養。2. 教育學,教授法。3. (蜜蜂、蠶等的)飼養;(動物等的)訓練。
  • crisis: n. 1. 危急關頭,緊要關頭;(政治、經濟上的)危機,危局;恐慌;激變。2. 【醫學】轉變期,驟退;臨界;危象。3. 【劇、影】危急情節,轉折點。
  • committee: n. 1. 委員會;〈集合詞〉(全體)委員。2. 【法律】受託人,財產代管人,保護人,(白癡等的)監護人。

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  1. National education labour union

  2. Electric heat tracing system, composed of power distribution / control unit, temperature detecting / controlling part, heat tracer and so on, has characteristics of high tracing efficiency, accurately temperature controlling and convenient installation and maintenance, the energy - economized project, recommended by national energy saving committee, has widely adopted at petroleum processing spots and gained better benefit

  3. After the founding of new china, in 1951 by the ministry of national education and the union agreed that the abolition of the june 6 of the teacher ' s day, teacher ' s day and will be changed with the " may 1 " international labor day commemoration together without teachers features implemented very satisfactory results, but teachers will trace the marketing claims

    新中國成立后, 1951年經教育部和全國教育工會商定,廢除了6月6日的教師節,而將教師節改在同「五一」國際勞動節一起紀念因無教師特點,實行效果很不理想,后來教師節便銷聲言跡了。
  4. The steering committee is composed of 13 - 17 scholars selected by the head of the ministry of education. this committee, whose members each serve for two years, are responsible for formulating center policy and overseeing its various projects

  5. In recent 7 years, published over 30 papers in the field and direct nearly 20 high level research projects, such as programs sponsored by national natrural secience foundation of china, national planning office of philosophy and social science, national education committee, national development and reform committee, ministry of agriculture, etc

    從事本科和研究生課程及學位論文指導等教學工作多年,主要講授《微觀經濟學》 、 《運籌學》 、 《農業經濟學》 、 《標準化與食品安全管理》和《專業英語》等課程。