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  • national: adj 1 民族的;國民的;國家的;國民特有的。2 國家主義的;愛國的。3 國立的 國有的 國定的;全國性的...
  • science: n 1 科學;科學研究。2 (一門)科學,學科。3 自然科學。4 學;學問;〈古語〉知識。5 (拳術、馬術等...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • technology: n. 1. 技術,工程,工藝。2. 製造學,工藝學。3. 術語(匯編)。
  • board: n 1 板〈通常指寬4英寸半以上厚2英寸半以下者〉,木板;紙板。2 (廣告)牌;(棋)盤;〈口語〉配電盤...

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  1. The system transforming of technical enterprises will be propitious to perfecting national science and technology system, bringing technological strength in existence into play and scientific payoffs industrialization

  2. Top technology sailuofeier spinning craft has been won patent authentication already, and awarded the second prize of progress in national science and technology in 2002, which is a supreme reward of woolen trade

    公司的核心技術賽絡菲爾紡紗工藝已獲得專利認證, 2002年「賽絡菲爾紡紗技術及系列產品」獲國家科技進步二等獎,這是紡織企業界最高獎項。
  3. National science and technology library

  4. In 1990s ", sponsored by national science and technology agency and " 863 - 306 " project group, most provinces have carried out the demonstration and application research of intelligent agriculture expert system

    經過近10年的研究和開發,到上世紀末,在國家科技部和「 863 - 306 」課題組的支持下,全國各地都展開了農業專家系統的重點示範應用工作。
  5. The author introduces the experience in the building of the interlibrary loan and document delivery service project of csdl ( the chinese national science and technology digital library ). in final, the author gives his conclusion that ill & dd service is a realization of the " s. r. ranganathan ' s five laws of library science " and that the virtual information service system is in expectation with the ideas of cooperation and resource sharing