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  • nationalize: vt. 1. 使成一國[獨立國家];使國家化;使民族化。2. 把…收歸國有[國營],使國有化。3. 〈罕用語〉使歸化。
  • the: 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • private: adj 1 私的,私人的,個人的,私用的,專用的。2 秘密的;保密的;非公開的;(信件等)親啟的。3 (財...
  • enterprise: n. 1. (艱巨或帶有冒險性的)事業,計劃。2. 企[事]業單位。3. 企業心,事業心,進取心;冒險心;膽識。4. 興辦(企業);開創(事業)。n. -priser =entrepreneur.

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  1. During the whole growth period, especia1ly the tum of beginning boce undertaking, the private enterprise is facing the essential prob1ems of adininistrate danger and administrate control, and, it becomes the most focused research topic on how to better the administrate job

  2. Article 38 after payment of taxes, the proportion of the profits earned by the private enterprise for the productive development fund shall not be less than 50 %

    第三十八條私營企業稅后利潤留作生產發展基金的部分不得低於50 。
  3. The unreasonable factors are : l. the stare ' s rights are impeded ; 2. the unbalanced development of economy between different areas ; 3. the unfair possession of the production facforss ; 4. the enormous profit made by the private enterprise owner through illegal means leads to the unfairness of social distribution ; 5. there are too many loopholes in the backward tax revenue

    地區間經濟發展d碩士學位論文v說了y a盯見』 st正m不平衡, 3生產要素佔有不平等: 4一些不法的私營業主獲取巨額利潤,造成社會分配不公: s
  4. Article 40 the departments in charge of administration of industry and commerce shall strengthen the supervision and administration over the private enterprise, protect its lawful business operation and make check and punishment on the illegal business activities

  5. Second, this paper analyzed the situation and trend of igs in our transforming period. according to the standard of career, this paper analyzed the industry worker group agreculture labor group managing group of the country and society managers group the private enterprise owner group n the anti - society group