natural right中文意思是什麼

natural right解釋

  • natural: adj 1 自然界的;關于自然界的。2 天然的;未開墾的;野生的。3 固有的 生來的 天賦的(opp acquired)...
  • right: adj 1 右,右方的,右側的,右派的 (opp left)。2 正當的,當然的 (opp wrong)。3 不錯的;正確的;...

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  1. With the right care, the oiled floor will become increasingly easy to clean and more hard wearing as the natural soap protects the floor with an invisible film making the floor more resistant to dirt

  2. The personality right and legal relief of natural person

  3. The high chrome tanned leather fibre and natural rubber content give it excellent strength, while the right percentage of vegetable tanned leather fibre aids the chamfering of edges

  4. Meanwhile, so doing also makes a perfection to the civial suit system in china and take a protection to the right of creditors and debtors. chapter1 : it is the first time to analysize the concept of " bankruptcy law of natural person ". as an important adjusted subject, natural person seems to make the outstanding part in solvency law, based upon its evolutionary preceding

  5. The right to self - defense is a natural right of countries, as well as all countries to respect other country ' s sovereignty and territorial general obligation exception