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  • natural: adj 1 自然界的;關于自然界的。2 天然的;未開墾的;野生的。3 固有的 生來的 天賦的(opp acquired)...
  • rock: n 1 巖,巖石,磐石,巖壁;卵石;〈常 pl 〉〈美口〉石子兒;暗礁,巖礁。2 〈the R 〉直布羅陀 (Gibr...

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  1. Raw, crushed and grinded natural rock asphalts

  2. The goal is to prevent leakage of the waste for many millennia through a combination of engineered barriers ( for example, the waste containers ) and geologic ones ( the natural rock structure where the chamber has been excavated and the favorable characteristics of the hydrogeologic basin )

    這麼做的目標是在數千年內避免廢棄物外? ,辦法是結合工程上特別處理過的圍阻體(例如廢棄物容器)以及地質上的圍阻體(地下開挖出來的空間周圍的自然巖石結構,以及水文地質盆地等一些較有利的條件) 。
  3. On every peak of the yellow mountains there are numerous grotesque rock with such vivid names " i mmortal pointing the way ", " magpie on a plum tree, " eighteen arhats facing the south sea ", " goddess embroidering ", immortal sunning his boot ", squirrel skipping to celestial capital ", " golden cock crowing towards the heavenly gate ", " monkey gazing at the sea ", " boy worshiping buddha guanyin " and " rock flying from afar ", etc, these fantastic rocks turn the yellow mountains into a museum of natural sculptures

    黃山的怪石黃山的每一座山峰都擁有許多形象生動的風格,奇異的巖石,比如「仙人指路」 「喜鵲登梅」 「南海十八羅漢」 「神仙曬靴」 「松鼠跳天都」 「金雞叫天門」 「猴子觀海」 「童子拜觀音」和「飛來石」等等。黃山怪石星羅棋布,簡直是天然雕刻的博物館。
  4. The natural volcanic rock of achiland

  5. According to the abundance well logging, mud logging and core analysis data, gaotaizi reservoir has been classified into four sand group with the principle of cycle comparison and classified control. based on the detailed study of lithologic character, sedimentary structure, paleontologic fossils, depositional sequence, rock association and logging data, the microfacies of the studied area are divided into such seven types : subaqueous distributary channel microfacies ; river mouth bar microfacies ; subaqueous interdistributary channel microfacies ; subaqueous crevasse channel microfacies ; subaqueous natural barrier microfacies ; distal bar microfacies ; delta front sheet sand microfacies. the characteristic of each sedimentary microfacies are described detailedly

    通過研究大量測井、錄井資料和巖芯資料,依據「旋迴對比,分級控制」的原則,把研究區高臺子油層劃分為g 、 g 、 g 、 g四個砂層組。通過對研究區巖性、沉積構造、古生物、沉積序列、巖石組合及測井曲線特徵進行研究的基礎上,認為研究區高臺子油層屬於三角洲前緣亞相沉積,並將研究區沉積微相劃分為:水下分流河道、河口壩、水下分流河道間、水下決口扇、水下天然堤、遠砂壩、席狀砂等七種微相類型。