natural symbolism中文意思是什麼

natural symbolism解釋

  • natural: adj 1 自然界的;關于自然界的。2 天然的;未開墾的;野生的。3 固有的 生來的 天賦的(opp acquired)...
  • symbolism: n. 1. 記號表示,符號使用;象徵的表現;象徵意義,象徵性;【語言學】表象;【哲學】符號論。2. (特指文藝方面的)象徵主義。3. 【宗教】符號象徵〈如以十字架象徵基督受難〉。

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  1. I thought that was perhaps no more than a natural reserve accentuated by the verbose frankness of her husband.

  2. In the writer ' s view, the reason of the above trade barriers mainly exists in the following aspects. first is the natural deficiency of gats, then, it is the inevitable result of the accentuation the state sovereignty

    形成這些貿易壁壘的原因主要有: gats的固有缺陷、強調國家主權原則,我國法律服務業水平較低以及法律的特殊性。
  3. It is natural for you to say so; yet do not interrupt me, let me finish my accursed history.

  4. They concluded that ozone attack on natural rubber was extensive and complex and could be related to the acetone extractables.

  5. Test method for acid number empirical of synthetic and natural waxes