• necessity: n. 1. 需要,必要性。2. 〈常 pl. 〉 必需品。3. 必然(性)。4. 〈常 pl. 〉 貧窮;困難;危急。
  • contingency: n. 1. 偶然[可能](性)。2. (意外)事故;意外事件,臨時[可能]事件。3. 臨時費。


  1. In fact the adjective is becoming a real necessity on occasion.

  2. This article demonstrates the necessity and feasibility of vocality teaching model for the large class combined with the traits of adult vocality teaching and aeries of exploration on practical teaching

  3. Although this method avoids the necessity of using aseptic techniqnes, as in the method of gilmore, we recommend that sterilized glassware be used.

  4. This paper is based on the author ' s investigation and practice experience, analyzing the necessity of each maintenance management busywork and putting forward the specific implement methods. 5

  5. Analyzing the necessity of post - family management change by the contingency theory and the human capital theory ; demonstrating the edge of family firm management in private firm in the diagram of cost - income ; concluding the external force and external utility of post - family management change and expanding principal - agent module to conditional principal - agent module for fitting post - family management change

    本文採用權變理論、人力資本理論分析后家族管理變革的必然性;運用交易成本理論引申到家族管理的運營成本,用成本? ?收益法圖示出家族管理的邊界;應用路徑依賴理論分析后家族管理的外部約束和外部效用;將委託? ?代理理論延伸到后家族管理變革中得出有限委託? ?代理制度。