neighborhood watch中文意思是什麼

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  • neighborhood: n 1 鄰近 接近;附近;周圍。2 四鄰 街坊;街道 地區;聚居區。3 近鄰的人們。4 鄰居關系 鄰人的情誼 和...
  • watch: n 1 表;船鐘。2 值夜,值班;守夜;看守人;哨兵。3 看守,監視;注意;警戒。4 【航海】(每4小時輪換...

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  1. Watch out. go, go, go ! watch out, adele, watch out

  2. Afterword : it didn ' t rain all the way back either. only after i got out of the mrt, did i realize that it had been pouring in my neighborhood

  3. The sentries alternated their watch.

  4. I went so far with it in my imagination, that i employ d my self several days to find out proper places to put my self in ambuscade, as i said, to watch for them ; and i went frequently to the place it self, which was now grown more familiar to me ; and especially while my mind was thus fill d with thoughts of revenge, and of a bloody putting twenty or thirty of them to the sword, as i may call it, the horror i had at the place, and at the signals of the barbarous wretches devouring one another, abated my malice

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