音標 ['neibəriŋ]
adj. 形容詞 鄰近的,附近的;鄰接著的,毗鄰的,接壤的。


    1. Have no time for finish his cup, monk yue - chu saluted to shi yuan - de with fists holding in front of his chest, then to disembark from the tern, avoid meeting the “ mangy dog ”, and went to neighboring village to spend the night at another familiar almsgiver

      悅楚和尚來不及將碗中酒喝乾,乘宵禁時間未到,對施元德把手一拱,從船尾上岸,避開「癩皮狗」 ,徑向近村熟識的施主家借宿去了。
    2. The company has the professional qualifications of the construction, rich experience and expertise in project construction team, in shenzhen and neighboring had completed a number of major projects, such as : state - building in shenzhen, the shenzhen productivity technology park building, dongguan step by step, the china everbright bank, shenzhen city communist party, china enrolling, urban forests, turtle mountain lodge, alpine garden, quieting habitat ho side, garden city, wonderlang, the bay holds garden, studded day at ocean shores, etc. glass insulation, energy, explosion - proof security to indulge their works

    3. The reefs had sustained damage for years as eilat and the neighboring jordanian red sea resort of aqaba grew from isolated desert outposts into tourist boom towns

    4. The fishing rafts, the coir raincoats, the cormorants, and the fishing rafts composes a typical picture of the li river, with the fire being the soul of the picture, for the actors performing on the rafts are 220 fishermen from 5 neighboring villages

    5. These neighboring states had lived in concord for centuries