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  • nerve: n 1 【解剖學】神經。2 〈詩〉筋 腱;精力 氣力。3 膽力 勇氣;沉著 果斷;大膽 膽量;〈口語〉厚臉 冒...
  • fiber: n. 〈美國〉 = fibre。
  • layer: n 1 放置者,鋪設者,計劃者。2 【賽馬】(一般)賭客。3 產卵的雞。4 【軍事】瞄準手。5 層;階層;地...

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  1. For example, outside the afferent nerve fiber in week nerve passes into sensory information centre, the instruction information that efferent nerve fiber issues centre spreads effect implement, convey with the form of nerve impulse, and the biology report that nerve impulse calls behavioral potential one kind namely changes, it is the mark of nerve excitement

  2. Through the experimental research, we think : the technological capacity of fiberglass asphalt macadam if weaker than asphalt macadam, however, if use elasticized capacity to solve blending technological problem. adjust the breed of fiber silk, extend its diameter, its paving capacity is still worth exploring, asphalt - rubber macadam structure lager have good deformed - become capacity and crazed - resistance capacity, small gap rate. good water - resistance capacity, good hot - stability and simple construction technology. therefore. pitch rubber spall is a good cover material which is suitable for the second class or lower whose asphalt pavement has split open because of fatigue. and is the good structural measure of preventing half - rigidity grass - roots unit shrink - rift reflecting. pave a thin layer of pitch rubber spall between asphalt - type pavement layer and half - rigidity basic level, although the cost of building is higher than paving togongbu in the middle, the construction technology, crazing - resistance and water - resistance are better than togongbu, not only could reduce greatly the reflex of half - rigidity grass - roots unit material, long then the use lifespan of pavement, but also it is possible to reduce suitably the thickness of asphalt mixture layer, though the cast of building in the early days becomes more, in the long - term opinion, it have fully important technological and economical significance

  3. Grafted skeletal muscle fibers were still detectable among nerve fiber fascicles

  4. Nerve fiber layer of macular, mnfl

  5. Effect of capsaicin on calcitonin gene - related peptide and nitric oxide synthase - positive nerve fiber in rat facial skin